​​Good Partner Award: Kosrae Harman, RN at Thunder Bay Community Health Center

← News October 30, 2019

The SCHA-MI Good Partner Award celebrates the contribution of a partner who helps advance the cause of school-based health centers. This can be a health center or other community partner who helps us in a variety of ways. This work doesn’t happen on its own, and requires the help of many. This award celebrates the many individuals who help us out along this journey.

For our inaugural award, we want to thank Good Partner Kosrae Harmon of the Thunder Bay Community Health Centers in Cheboygan. In the past 3 months, Kosrae has hosted Congressman Bergman – twice, Senator Schmidt and Representative Cole once, and a training/networking for our northern centers. She has also brought down youth to Youth Advocacy Day several times, leaving Cheboygan with the kids at 6am to be here on time, and leaving at the end, at 2pm, only to get back in time for awards ceremonies at her school!

She makes it look effortless, but it is not – gathering parents, children, getting the site ready, making sure we are all on cue. It is this effort that makes things happen though; for kids, and for legislation, for our communities.